sunglasses for kids

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Parents are always concerned about their kids and they give them the best available in the market, be it purchasing the right clothes, toys, food or anything their kids like. But how often they take sufficient care of their child’s eyes? Children spend most of their time outdoors and their parents cannot monitor them all the time. Did you know 80% of UV exposure happens before the age of 18? That is the reason why kids should start wearing sunglasses at 3 years of age. As a parent, it is better to buy premium sunglasses to spell your kid’s future eye problems. 

Why do kids need premium sunglasses for kids?

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Limited exposure of sunlight is good for the health, but what if your kids are playing outdoor for prolonged periods? Children below the age of 10 are at a higher risk due to UV and HEV radiation than the adult. Their skin is more sensitive and eye lenses are less capable of filtering out these harmful rays. Further, excessive exposure to UV rays is related to cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

UV radiation is not the only potential hazard from sunlight. Recent studies have proven that continuous exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) light also known as “blue light” may also cause vision problems over time. These rays are prevalent even on cloudy days and infiltrate through the clouds all-round the year. No doubt shades will help protect kid’s eyes and it is never too early for them to start wearing premium sunglasses outdoors.

How to choose kids sunglasses online?

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Keep the following points in mind while buying kid’s sunglasses online.

Sunglasses should cover maximum area of the eyes

While selecting sunglasses for your kids make sure that they cover the maximum sensitive areas of the eyes. Choose shades that block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Large polycarbonate sunglasses with wider temple offer the best protection to the eyes. Not only it protects the eyes but also keeps out dust and grime.

Durable frames are always best

Kids have an active lifestyle, they need sunglasses that can withstand the daily fall and are less likely to break.  Also, the frame should have flexible springe that turn beyond 90 degrees. Some brands design bespoke kids’ sunglasses with flexible bands and impact-resistant lenses perfect for toddlers and teenagers.

Let your child decide what to wear

Don’t force your child to wear what you like. While dealing with older children, it is better to leave the choice of style and colour with the wearer. Tell them to choose frames that are durable and safe.

Avoid low-quality sunglasses

Never buy cheap sunglasses that don’t specify the percentage of UV protection. Many local brands come up with a label that states “Blocks UV rays” be cautious of shades like that.  Moreover, the lenses of low-quality shades are not of optometry grade! Remember not all dark sunglasses provide complete UV protection. On a safer side go with the premium or luxury sunglasses with UV protection lenses that ensure your child’s eyes are secured. 

As a parent how can you inspire kids to wear their shades?

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Often children mimic their parent’s behaviour. If you are wearing sunglasses when you go out in the summer, your kids are more likely to follow this. Eventually, you can inspire them and lead by example. So make it a mandatory rule that whenever you go outside, everyone has to put on their sunglasses. Encourage them to put them back into the case after taking them off. Tell them not to play with their sunglasses and show them how to take of their sunglasses. To spot them easily put a label with your kid’s name written inside the case.

What are the top trending kid’s sunglasses in India?

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There’s been a huge spurt of kid’s sunglasses coming on the market. While searching for top trending sunglasses for kids in India, you will come across with unlimited options. Many leading eyewear brands have come with famous cartoon characters and young influencers to promote shades among children. Children are easily attracted by their famous character and they prefer to wear sunglasses with their loved characters. The styles are lively and available in nearly all shapes like round, oval, rectangular, cat-eye and geometric shapes that are trending the chart.

But wraparound sunglasses are the top-selling product, since, they provide better sun’s protection with maximized coverage to eyes. Also kids love to wear colour frames that is the reason why bright colours like green, blue, tortoiseshell and black are always on-trend. Many a time metal clips scratch the lenses and kids are not comfortable with them. As a substitute of attaching sunglasses with metal clips, try magnetic clip-on that prevent scratch on the lenses. Clip-on is easily available and they are economical.