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It’s really easy to be in a relationship even when we are aware that it’s not going to last long. Initially, you try to overcome your partners mistakes and relationship weaknesses, just hoping that things will probably get better with time.

Following are the signs shared by the dating and marriage expert Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX that your relationship is reaching it’s expiry:

1. You’re settling for being Mr. or Ms. Good Enough

If you not getting fully satisfied emotionally, intellectually or sexually by your partner and you are just passing your time because you have become comfortable with your partners ignoring behavior; it’s a severe damage to both of you.

2. Your partner is your Ruthless Critic

Your partner should always be your huge cheerleader, your partner in crime, a bestie, a companion whom you can share everything. If you notice that you are not getting enough moral support instead you always receive criticisms, then it’s a matter of concern.

3. Sense of humor not shared

It may look like a small issue but if your partner is not sharing sense of humor or don’t laugh with you, it’s problematic. Life is very difficult, and we all need someone to smile with us and make our mood light in situations of uncertainties.

4. Expecting your partner to be someone else from your fantasies and ignoring who he or she really is

Fantasies are always better when compared to reality and that’s the reason they are regarded as Fantasies. We have to live in reality, the present tense. If your partner is not accepting the way you are, and want you to be someone else, then you are in deep troubles.

5. You don’t mix well with his / her family or the other way round

It’s not a good sign for your future if you have met the family members and somewhat do not like them. It might be more worse if your better half always takes their side in every discussion or arguments and never take your side. In short, if your partner is more inclined to his/her family than you, RUN.

6. You have someone else in your thoughts

If you are thinking that the grass could have been more green with your college time boyfriend/girlfriend, then you are certainly in trouble. This is also a very bad sign for a good relation. Fantasizing about what you could have, if single again and ignoring what you actually have and not putting any efforts on improving it, is really bad for any relationship.

If you can’t express yourself to your partner or if your partner punishes you often or never likes your opinion to anything, then it’s a definite problem. I would only say,

“If you cannot be who you are for your partner and accepted for your authenticity, then there’s no point of continuation with any relationship”