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The Alexa Mobile app is worthless. Web app using your instructions worked with no problem. Maybe they need to add your instructions to the mobile app. Brilliant – this worked straight away. Could you please take over Amazon – at least the Echo department? Yes, overkill designed to make you jump through hoops. Alexauser it worked for me. Unplug Alexa, wait a bit, plug back in, wait a bit, Alexa is online again. Well, if that was all the help offered, most of us would be angry since most of us would try that before we ever looked for on-line help. The “overkill” is providing additional support for those needing it because the obvious didn’t work.

  • Date & Time: Set region and Time Zone in this setting
  • After finish installation, log in to Amazon Account
  • The device is now added and you can share node information with other Z-Wave-enabled devices
  • Check for Availability
  • Alexa app (only for initiating a Drop In, not receiving)

Is the Amazon Alexa app for Windows 10 PC Continually Tuning In? You can use the App Alexa Echo Dot without using your hands. Just use the wake word following the command you want to execute. Open the Alexa app for the PC menu. Go to the Setting. Check whether you can select the Wake word alternative. What would you be able to do with Alexa App for Windows 10? You can use the application to set the clocks, check the updates, make a to-do or shopping list and tune into the books and video recording. Alexa for Windows will share an incredible smart experience with you and make your life smarter than ever before. Alexa, What’s the time? Alexa, read me a book. Alexa, how’s the weather? There is a lot more you can do with the Alexa for Windows. So, follow the guidelines, download the application today on your Windows 10 device and enjoy the smart life experience with the Alexa app.

You can walk into a quiet room and ask for music, or step into a dark room and ask for lights. Alexa is particularly helpful for controlling Alexa-compatible smart-home devices. Its expanding smart-home capabilities, including the ability to create Routines and Schedules, make Alexa a viable option for taking the place of a smart-home hub, though not for complex programmed automations. It isn’t always the most practical means of interacting with your other devices, either. Instead, think of Alexa as an additional interface for your smart home that provides the functionality a phone app can’t. As a result, you will probably come to rely on it more and more.

Click the button to talk to Alexa (Figure C). What can you ask the Alexa app? In the Alexa app, you can request many (but not all) of the same things you might request of Alexa through an Echo device. You can ask for location-based information, such as the weather or local restaurants. You can request your personal information, such as appointments and to-do list. You can conduct research on general topics. You can request music and other content. You can tap into the vast array of Alexa Skills. There are some limitations; for instance, you can’t ask Alexa to compose a text message or a new email, though you can ask the app to access your inbox to reply to an existing email.

Now, on the compatible iOS device or Mac, launch App Store and from the search bar enter the text as “Alexa app”. From the search results choose the Alexa app and hit the install button. As the Alexa app is free, you need provide any payment details and the app gets installed on your device in a short span of time based on your network connection. Once the app is installed, you need to configure the settings for the app. How to configure Amazon Alexa for iOS/ Alexa for Mac? Launch the Alexa app on your iOS device or Mac and turn on Bluetooth on iOS device as well as Amazon Echo device. Now, pair the devices and you can start using Echo device with simple commands from your iOS device with the Alexa app.

For some unknown reason the Echo went off line shortly this morning. We’ve called amazon, followed the instruction. It just ain’t workin’. It was a Christmas gift. I ran into this issue just today when i switched to a new wireless router. It wouldn’t reconnect no matter what i did using the phone app. The phone app just doesn’t work that well i guess. I didn’t even realize there was a web app. I’ve literally not been able to get them for over a month and this finally worked! I was about to throw my Dots in the garbage because no matter what I did they wouldn’t connect.