Guide to Save Money

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Are your children draining your wallet dry? Does your budget just never seem to stick? We’ve got some great tips for how to save money that will not only help you save money but also simplify your life! Read more in the full post.

For busy moms, convenience often trumps price, but this can lead to some hefty bills at the end of the month. We get it. It’s difficult to keep your house fully stocked and clothe your kids without breaking your budget. Well, we’ve got you covered! For quality, affordable kids’ clothing check out this baby gear reviewed by We’ve also put together a list of some simple and efficient ways that you can save money every month.

How to Save Money on Groceries

  • Plan Meals – Create a meal plan for the week with recipes and ingredients. Go one step further and cook in bulk! 
  • Buy in Bulk – Buy non-perishable food items in bulk to cut down the per-item price of the product and save you money in the long-run. For canned goods, diapers, and breakfast cereals, this is a great way to save money.
  • Clean Out Your Pantry and Fridge – a great tip for how to save money every month is to clean out your pantry and fridge and use up any products that are expiring soon. Less waste = money saved. 

Saving Money

Some tips on how to budget and save money

  • Use apps – learn how to budget with free budgeting apps that will help you keep track of your purchases and help you save money by showing you where you waste your precious dough!
  • Electricity – set an electricity budget and try to keep the bill to that amount. Here are some of our top tips for how to save money as a stay at home mom, if your electricity bill is too high. 
  • Hang your laundry out to dry instead of using a dryer
  • Change your light bulbs to fluorescent lighting 
  • Use dimmer switches
  • Entertainment – plan game nights at home or take a hike or bike ride in the local park 

Tips for Saving Money on Clothing


  • Thrift shop


A great tip for how to save money with a baby or young kids is to thrift or second-hand shop for clothes and accessories. Finding some gently used second-hand clothes is a great way to save money on your kids’ clothing budget.


  • Sell your unwanted clothes


Why not clear out your kids’ closets and sell any clothes they may have grown out of? You could sell these clothes and use the money to buy new clothes for them. If you don’t want to sell the clothes, consider donating them to a worthy cause. 

Clothing Budget

Children add a whole range of added expenses to your budget, but with consistent effort and over time, you can be sure that you save money that can be saved for college tuition or that family holiday! 

Which tip are you going to start using to save money? 

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