Execrise at home

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Sometimes we are lazy to go out and work out at the gym. Since exercise is important, we drag ourselves to the gym and start being healthy and fit; this is not fun when you are not in the mood. However, you do not need to worry if you are not able to go to the gym for your workout.

I feel better if I exercise and eat healthily.

Instead, do your workout routines at home. Sure, you may think that it would not possible considering some temptations at home. But do you realize you can really work out at home? Yes, workout at home is the best when you are not in the mood for the gym, does not want to stick in a gym program, or simply because of bad weather.


Below are some tips you can follow when doing exercise routine at home:

1. Determine the fitness routine you can enjoy

This is an important thing because it will give you more motivation to continue. Find out the fitness routine that you can enjoy doing at home. You can Google some workouts or routine that you think would suit your personal needs. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to be your digital personal trainer during workouts. Turn your home to a fitness studio with a little help of internet research, giving you plenty of tutorials and motivation.


2. Consider house cleaning as exercise

Remember that any kind of physical activities are considered as exercise. This includes cleaning the house, especially the general cleaning such as cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. You can listen to your favourite music while doing house chores so it would be more fun to do it.

3. Set up a gym-like space at home

If you happen to have a gym inside the house, then it is good. However, the common problem for working out at home is the absence of space like a gym. You need to allot a space to set it up like a mini gym. If you have a basement, that would be a great place, and if not, you move some chairs and table to give space for the yoga mat. Set up the mini gym at home before your scheduled work out so it would not be a hassle.

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4. Consider getting fitness equipment at home

If you have more space at home, you can turn it into a mini gym and buy your own exercise equipment. It does not need to be an enormous one. You can choose between a treadmill and just a stationary bike that would fit your home. Other options you have are getting resistance bands, jump rope, stability ball, and free weights. Then you can Google on how to use them properly.

5. Improvised gym-like equipment

No barbell a home? No need to worry because there is a DIY for that. If you want to work on your arm or shoulder, then make your own weights at home. You can do this by using milk jugs or unused water bottles. Fill them in with water that equates to the exact weight that you need.

I feel better if I exercise and eat healthily.

6. Track your progress daily or weekly

Use a journal or an app to your phone to jot down any breakthroughs you have made while working out at home. You can see the progress you have made and things you still need to improve. In this journal, you can also see some patterns in your routine and you can actually adjust them based on your goals. Moreover, you can also plan your meals in the journal.

7. Dress up to motivate

Even if you are not working out in a gym, it is acceptable and recommended that you wear a spandex or exercise clothes when you work out home. Bring out those trendy gym clothes to start you up. By simply wearing workout clothes, you help yourself get motivated to lose weight and be healthy.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

By – Gene Tunney