planning house design

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In this article, we provide six important things to take care of while planning house design. This will be very useful for civil engineers and architects. Also, we provide some house design drawing images below, if you require those image AutoCAD file you can click the hyperlink to download those files.

Important things to take care while planning house design

  • Exact land mearurements

A house plan is the very first basic foundation for the house or a building. Making a house design perfect and very clear is most important. Land area is the first important thing to take care of before start making the plan. Firstly we wanna check the land documents correctly to know the exact land measurements or you can go straight to the site to measure the exact area.

47’X46’ South Facing House plan. Click here to Download this plan AutoCAD File.

  • Client Requirements

Before Start making the plan we should discuss with the client about their requirements this is most important. you need to ask clients like how many bedrooms they required, how many floors they planning to build, whether they planning to give house for rent, or they going to use for their purpose. Also, whether they need a duplex house or normal house, and they need a shop or office with the house. After collecting the client’s detailed requirements we can start making the house plan.

20’X30’ West Facing House Plan. Click here to Download this plan AutoCAD DWG File.

  • Making the house plan as per Vastu Shastra

Nowadays most of the people liking to build their house as per Vastu Shastra. You can follow the simple and basic vastu Shastra principle while making the house plans. Some basic vastu principle are follows

  • The kitchen room should come in the southeast corner or the second option we can keep in the northwest direction. The dining room wanna place near the kitchen.
  • The master bedroom should come in the southwest direction of the house. The attached toilet we can make in the south or west direction.
  • Children’s Bedroom and the guest bedroom we can place in the Northwest, west, east, and south direction.
  • The toilet we can make in Northwest, North, south, and west direction.
  • The Puja room place in the Northeast, north, east, west, and south direction.The ideal place to keep the puja room on the ground floor, neither basement nor first floor or terrace.
  • The Living area should keep in the Northeast, Northwest, or the center of the house.
  • The best place to make car parking is in the northwest direction.
  • Making a septic tank in the northwest direction is good as per vastu.
  • The overhead water tank should place in the southwest direction.
  • Borewell or underground water tanks should place in the Northeast direction of the house.
  • The best location to keep the staircase is the southwest, south, west, northwest, southeast direction. It is very important to avoid the northeast direction to keep the staircase.
  • These are some simple basic Vastu Shastra principles to follow while making the house plan design.

39’X55’ North Facing House Plan. Click here to Download this plan AutoCAD DWG File.

  • Mark the Exact Dimension

After setting the rooms on the house plan, marking the room dimension, open space dimensions, and overall land area dimensions are most important. Accurate Dimension marking helps the clients or the construction workers to understand the plan easy so that they can execute the house as per the house plan diagram.

49’9” X39’3” EastFacing House Plan. Click here to Download this plan AutoCAD File.

  • Column marking

Marking the column is the most important in the house design. If we miss setting the column in the drawing it will make the problem while executing the plan. The common Column sizes using in the construction are 9” X 9”,9” X12”,9” X15”,9” X18”. So, any of these common column sizes you can mark on the house plan drawing.

31’ X 44’ South Facing House Plan. Click here to Download this plan AutoCAD File.

  • Place the furniture and other House items
  • To make the house plan more beautiful you wanna place the furniture and other useful house items. The furniture like Sofa, table, chair, king bed for the master bedroom and queen bed for children bedroom and the guest bedroom.
  • Other than the furniture you can place Stove, washbasin, and refrigerator in the kitchen, then in the toilet, you can place a shower, water tabs, western toilet, bathtub, and the washbasin. Also in Garden areas, you can place trees and plants. In the car parking area, you can set some beautiful models of cars and bikes. Also, you can place peoples standing in the entrance of the house or on the terrace or the balcony area.
  • You can make your plan beautiful by placing the things mentioned above. But no need to waste your time by making these things newly. On the internet, you get plenty of pre-designed AutoCAD blocks. You can simply download those blocks and place on your plan, many free blocks are that you can easily make your plan very beautiful and those blocks attract your clients very easily.

You can download this block free by clicking here.

Hope this article is useful to you, Follow these things while planning to make the house design. Thank you for reading my article.