Home Décor Ideas for Newlyweds

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The first thing you ponder about after you decide upon your wedding date is dream home. Undoubtedly this is one of the most exhilarating parts of the wedding as well as the most daunting one. Spending the rest of life with the one you love in a dream home can make anyone excited.

However, while deciding on the neighborhood, going through hundreds of home decor websites, having a minor disagreement with your better half on certain choices, going from one shop to another in the quest for perfect coffee table for your living room that too without boring a big hole in your pocket is quite a challenging task.

Before you begin decorating your dream home to kick start your blissful life, it is imperative to know about your spouse taste and style. Ask him whether he needs an office space or a big comfortable rocking chair in the living room to relax upon and browse through his emails? Sit down and jot down each other’s choices and preferences before you start decorating your new home.

Read on below to find some amazing home decor ideas for your dream home.

1. Bedroom

No doubt bedroom is one of the most important parts of your house that needs your special attention at is where the day begins and ends. If you want the bedroom to look bright, fresh and happy just like your new life, then paint it with bold color. Decide upon your favorite color and get it painted on your wall. If the paint is in dark color then go for light color flooring to give it a beautiful character to your room. The next important thing is to decide upon your bed sheet and pillow cover color. It should be matching with your bedroom theme and decor.

The next vital thing is to decide on the furniture pieces in the bedroom. If you have a large bedroom, then you can place a sofa set with a cute little coffee table in between.

2. Living Room

Bring color, vibrancy, and cheerfulness to your living room by either installing bright floors or draping sunny curtains. If you like sober setting then you can paint your walls in white color and have furniture in neutral colors. You can throw in some color by adding a colorful cushion or lively Russian rug to add panache to your living room decor.  Also, you can adorn the walls of your living room with a lively piece of art that you got as a wedding gift.

Moreover, if you and your husband love to watch movies and like to spend some quality time together then install a big HD plasma TV with complete home theatre set in the living room. Have dimmers installed in your false wall ceiling to create a movie theatre atmosphere. Adorn your living room walls with some paintings that will add to the beauty of your living room.

3. Kitchen Update

If both of you love to cook together then it is imperative that your kitchen must be equipped with state of art appliances. Install beautiful backsplash tiles and compliment it with your shiny granite countertop. If you have a big kitchen then you can install a small dining table where you can have your meals with the love of your life.

Moreover, have one focal point of your kitchen where you can hand your wedding picture. If you got many sets of silverware as your wedding presents then ask professional home remodeling contractors to build shelves or small cabinets in it where you can tuck in all of your cutlery and crockery.

4. Bathroom Additions

No doubt it will take some time to share your bathroom space with your spouse. Especially, if you have to rush to your respective workplaces at the same time. It is highly suggested that you have a double vanity that allows you both to get ready at the same time. Also, install a separate standing shower so that neither person has to wait for the other to finish with their morning schedule. Moreover, add extra bathroom cabinets to place your toiletries in it.

5. Floorings

Floorings play an important part in your new home. It is highly suggested that you install hardwood floorings in your new house as it will not enhance its beauty but also increase its curb appeal and resale value. Hardwood floors look good with any type of decor and are easy to maintain. Nowadays, you will find many designs, style, and textures in hardwood flooring and can easily choose the one that goes best with your furnisher.

Final Word

It is a dream of every newlywed to have a house of their dreams. Employ these home decor ideas and make your living space, comfortable, functional and beautiful.