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Quinceanera is an occasion that celebrates the coming of age of a woman, usually celebrated on her 15th birthday. Naturally, every parent wants to celebrate it in the most beautiful of manners. Moreover, since the celebration is for their little girl, they would want to make sure it is to her liking. And this involves getting trendy and not dull, isn’t it?

Quinceanera celebration has a lot of things to consider as far as its traditions are considered. But this means they are visibly old school. Many party venues in Houston, Texas allow you to have a whole new and trendy take on your daughter’s Quinceanera.

For your consideration, here are 5 trends that you can opt for, for your daughter’s Quinceanera upcoming in 2020:

  1. Colors: Traditionally, Quinceanera colors include white and pink. This includes dresses and décor. However, for the year 2020, darker colors such as burgundy, navy blue or even black, are the trend. As for the décor, there are many party halls in Houston that provide a long range of floral decorations, table linens, centerpieces and table covers. Opt for these in the mentioned color to have the perfect trendy décor for your daughter’s Quinceanera.
  2. Quinceanera Courts: The traditional Quinceanera court requires a group of 7 girls and 7 boys standing on either side on the Quince lady adding up to a total of fifteen. However, today it is not necessary to have the same number; there can be more of them and less too. The whole group can perform a dance to commemorate the occasion. It is a beautiful moment to cherish and the perfect way to cherish them forever is by taking pictures. No worries there as various party halls in Houston have professional photographers to capture these moments for your daughter to recollect them later in her lifetime.
  3. Cakes: Cakes are one of the most important aspects of a Quinceanera; which is why it becomes essential to make sure that no stones remain unturned to get a perfect cake for your little girl (not that little anymore, is she?). However, deciding upon a cake would have been a tough job had it not been for some party halls in Houston that have teamed up with expert bakers and designers, bringing in the assurance of a gorgeous Quinceanera cake for your daughter. The color of the cake, in going with the traditional colors can be white and pink, which are perhaps the better-suited ones for such a pious occasion.
  4. Dance: The dance that Quince girls (along with their Court) have traditionally performed to is the Vals. Followed by which, they also perform a special surprise dance called a “baile de sopresa”. While the Vals include Court boys, the “baile de sopresa” is performed only by the Quince girl along with her Court ladies. Well, if you are planning this for your daughter, you are in luck as many party halls in Houston provide bands including Mariachi, sound systems, and even dance floor lights to add to the occasion. A great way to add further to the joyous ambiance is to go for pink and white lights to add the perfect Quinceanera touch.
  5. Guest List: From a small gathering of close ones, Quinceaneras have today turned into large gatherings with up to 300 people coming together to celebrate the coming of age of their lovely princess. A guest list helps in having a clear idea about those who are present and those who could not come. As for the space, it won’t be a concern either as numerous party halls in Houston, Texas, provide large accommodation that can hold upto from to 400 people comfortably. They also support valet parking, VIP sections, limousine service and security as well.

There are also many wedding Venues in Texas that are available for rent for your Quinceanera. Keep in mind to opt for one that is able to incorporate all your needs and more importantly those of your daughter.