yoga classes

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It does not really matter whether you are a beginner or a professional yoga practitioner; you need to know some of the basics at the very beginning of the class. If the basic foundation is solid, you can learn any pose later. The main aim of these basic yoga classes is to make your body and mind adjust to the entire practice of yoga asanas and provide you a solid base on which the later training depends. This makes your body strong and flexible to suit the upcoming training.


Lessons that you must learn in the yoga classes:

  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana or the Down Dog pose

This lesson is a trifle hard to perfect and you need a lot of practice before you can tackle it rightly. The benefits of this lesson are enormous. It strengthens your arms, as well as the legs and bones, stretches the muscle from the upper back and shoulder area. Very often we do not tend to understand our own body well. We do not understand its strength, weaknesses, tension areas, etc. While learning yoga, you need to know about your own body properly. During this asana, you need to work on activating the arms and chest by drawing your shoulder blades down your back.

Down Dog pose

  1. Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-limbed Staff asana

Another kind of important lesson that you should learn in a class, is the Chaturanga Dandasana pose. As the name suggests, you have to use your legs and hands to make your body look like a staff or ‘danda’. Even if it looks quite simple, you have to practice amply to do it rightly. If you manage to do it properly, it will stabilize your arms and strength. Along with that, the lesson also helps you to work on your legs, abdominal area, and the shoulder parts. You need to keep your arms at 90-degree angle and tug your elbows into the body.

Four-limbed Staff asana

  1. Bhujangasana or the Cobra pose:

‘Bhujanga’ means ‘cobra’ and the name of this lesson originates from the way it appears to be. If you want to activate and work on the flexibility of your spine area, chest as well as the abdominal region, you can go for this lesson. Very often, thanks to our excessive reliance on working with a laptop, while sitting upright, we tend to suffer from problems of back bone. This lesson taught during the yoga classes helps you to get through those problems.

Cobra pose

  1. Balasana or the Child’s pose

Here ‘bal’ refers to a child. Sometimes some people have problems with the ‘down dog’ pose. This lesson is a savior for people like them. Apart from that reason, you can also try this pose if you feel extremely stressed out or panicky.  This is a lesson which is most likely to help you to calm your nerves and mind, reducing anxiety in that process.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

The pose has a significant number of variants; however, the main thing remains the same. If you have trouble resting your head on the floor, you can rest your forehead on your fists. The main goal is to feel relaxed, rest and release the tension in the backside, chest, and shoulders.

Child’s pose

  1. Savasana or the Corpse Pose

Last but not the least, this lesson is a must when it comes to yoga training. Our body seems to be a bit tired after we perform each yoga pose. This is why after every lesson we need to do this pose to make our body ready for the next one. You need to lie down with your arms down by your sides. Make sure your palms are facing up. In addition, to calm your body, this lesson helps you to calm down your heartbeat, brain waves after each lesson.

Corpse Pose

Follow these lessons at the yoga classes and practice regularly in order to master them.

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