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Wedding day for a girl is the most annoying as well as the most awaited day of her life. Most anticipated day because it is a day which a girl would never forget in her whole life and simultaneously annoying because on the wedding day she would be tensed about her makeup, her jewelry, her dress, her hair and her shoes.

The bridal accessory is more important than anything for a bride. Why? Because no matter how much she wears the most expensive designer clothes on her wedding day but without accessories, a bride would feel simply incomplete. These accessories will not only give a charming look to the bride but also enhance the significance of that event.

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The five must-have bridal accessories are:

  1. Airbrush makeup
  2. High-heels
  3. Jewellery
  4. Nail polish
  5. Bindi

Here I am going to provide you with some details on these bridal accessories:

1. Airbrush makeup – It is the type of makeup which is applied on the skin with the help of airbrush makeup instead of applying sponges, brushes, fingers, etc. An airbrush consists of 3 major parts. A compresser is used to create and control a smooth airflow through the medical grade hose. A hose is connected to a metal trigger-actioned gun. Airbrush suits to every type of makeup application by altering the airflow of the spray. Airbrush make up has become popular with the popularity of HD television. Be sure to research upon best airbrush makeup before making a buying decision.

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Traditional liquid foundation and powder settles down in the pores of the skin and pops out the wrinkles on television, but airbrush makeup is connected with the surface of the skin in the millions of droplets formula. It looks natural and non-heavy like traditional make up and it lasts long more than liquid foundation or powder. Airbrush makeup is also available for eyeshadow, blush, eyebrows, and lips and can be layered, shaded, highlighted and contoured. It’s easy, efficient and faster to apply.

2. High-Heels – The high heel is a footwear which raises the heels of the wearer’s for higher than toes. High heels come in a wide variety of styles and shapes including stiletto, pump (court shoe), block, tapered, blade, and wedge. Well according to top brands like jimmy choo and Gucci a “low heel” is about 2.5 inches, and less and heels between 2.5 to 3.5 are known as “mid heels” and heels above them are considered as “high heels.” When both the heels and toes are raised equally then, it is not a heel its a platform shoe, but there are some platform heels.

High Heels

3. Jewellery – It contains small decorative items which we used to wear for our adornment. Jewellery may be attached to body or clothes which excludes flowers. From many years we have been combining metals and gemstones which form jewelry. Jewellery is not only made up metals and gemstones but also of shells and different materials. There are numerous basic forms of jewelry which vary from culture to culture. In Europe adornments for the neck are more common than for nose and ankles. Jewelry is made from various materials. Gemstones and similar materials such as amber and coral, precious metals, beads, and shells have been widely used. Jewelry is different for different people as it varies from child to man to an old man and from child to girl to an old woman. Its different for nose, toes, ears etc.

4. Nail polish – Nail polish is a lacquer which is applied on nails to protect plates and makes it more attractive. There are various components of a nail polish. Every brand includes their own touch in the making of a nail polish. There are several types of nail polish – 1) base coat is applied on nails before applying nail polish 2) top coat is applied to prevent the cracks. It enhances the color and makes it alluring.3) Gel polish is a long lasting polish it does not dry usually but is cured under UV rays.4) Matte is a type of nail polish which is a regular nail polish, but it gives a dull look instead of shiny bright look. 5) Shellac is a type of gel nail polish, but it lasts up to two weeks.


5. Bindi – A bindi is a red dot, or different colors dot worn on the forehead between and the brows in centre usually by Hindu and Jain women. It is consider as one of an essential part an Indian bride, and it also describes “the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state.” The Bindi has still a historical presence in most of the parts of India or 95% Indian women wear Bindi. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration.