Kids Birthday

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Birthdays are always special and especially for the kids, this occasion calls for a lot of celebrations. They wait throughout the year for their big days. So it is essential that you ensure that you come up with a birthday theme that they will remember for a long time to come for all the good reasons.

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Youth has no age.

Starting from the parties inspired by glitters, strawberries, sprinkles, and lemonades to the boyish bashes of cars and ninjas and princess themes of every variety, you can try anything that will be appealing to your kid. To help you with this.

Here are some fabulous ideas for kids’ birthday parties:

So go for the one that best suits your little one.

  • Minions on the Move – Who doesn’t love the crazy minions? So you can throw a party where they can shine as much as your little one. You can arrange for a scrumptious minion cake. Not only that, the food galore can include the banana, pineapples, and popcorn. The minions can don the yellow hard hats and the silver goggles that can also act as the parting gifts. Minions are something that is loved by kids of almost all age and that is why by choosing them as the birthday party theme for the kids you can rest assured that they are going to have a gala time.

Minions on the Move

  • A Wild and Wet Wipeout PartyThe water-obstacle-filled party is capable bringing a smile in the lips of any tot. You can create plenty of opportunities for the little ones to get wild and wet by opting for bouncing balls, slippery slides and plenty of opportunities. But keep it in mind that party is meant for the summers only. You should also ensure the safety of the kids by incorporating a good amount of security measures so that they don’t end up hurting themselves.

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Wild and Wet Wipeout Party

  • A Snow White Birthday Party – Princess themes can never go wrong with any of our adorable little princesses and the Snow White birthday theme is not an exception to that. The candy gem embellished cupcakes, the fairy-tale blue-bird cookies, the poisonous candy apples and a magnificent white truffle cake – all can contribute to set the right mood. Add to that the bejeweled make-your-own mirror and your beautiful Snow White birthday affair will turn to a fairytale perfection.

Snow White Birthday Party

  • A Lego Party – Once the Lego parties or Ninja parties reigned the hearts of the kids and it has not lost its lovability till date. There is no doubt that kids love legos and that is a fact. So you should not be surprised if your little ninja fighter demands a Lego themed birthday bash this year. You can go for the DIY Lego Ninjago movie masks. Add to that laser beams and spaceships for your little fighters. What’s more, it will also give a head start to the creativity of the Halloween Christmas parties.

Lego Party

  • Explore the Woods – Squirrels, owls, and foxes! What more can you ask for? The woodland themes continue to win hearts as you plan to celebrate your little ones’ big day with the cutest animals from the jungle. The kids can have the time of their lives in this party. You can arrange for a mouth-licking chocolate cake with all kinds of forest friends as a delicacy. You can modify this theme into a fall fairy bash if you are arranging an older party and they will also enjoy it to the core.

Explore the Woods

The above are some of the themes that you can try for your kids’ birthday. These are recommended by the professional and best event management who have planned and thrown a plethora of such parties and are experts in the field.

Live your life so you don´t have to have any regrets when you throw your 70 year old birthday party”
By ― Herdis Pala