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Getting Started:

Nowadays everyone uses their smartphone for various activities and for fulfilling such activities we usually use several types of applications. Applications depends on the needs of the user. We usually choose for a particular job to be done by using this application. There are several applications which may be helpful for ladies according to their various needs. Although there are no gender-specific applications available in the market, very specific applications are fairly meant to be useful by the females. In this article, we have listed down the top 5 applications which every lady must have in their smartphones.

Most Important apps for a Lady:

These are the most important applications to be installed in every lady’s smartphone. Read the instructions of the applications carefully before installing it in your devices. We have also provided the download link for the apps listed in this article for you.

  1. Shop Savvy:

Shop Savvy application is basically a barcode scanning app which scans various barcodes of the production the shop and compares the price locally. This application notifies you about your frequent price drops within the application. This application is one of the best application for shopping purpose, you can easily compare the prices between the different supermarket and decide what to shop from without visiting the shop. You can you can visit one supermarket and scan the barcode of the product and compare the prices and choose where to buy from.


  1. Mint:

Many of you may face trouble while managing the budget of your family. Mint application for smartphone helps you create budgets for spending an event suggests several tips. This application also gives you a reminder about the bills paid and keep tracks of your bills and compare the expenditure between different products and pay via best upi apps. This application also gives you a free credit score and defend tricks on reducing the fees and how to save money.


  1. Circle of 6:

Circle of 6 is one of the most useful and 2011 White House and HHS award winning application you can find for your applications. This application is basically personal safety application with the help of this you can select 6 contacts with which you can easily give the distress signal to them with a single tap along with your location SOS situations. This application is one of the recommended application available in the market for ladies.


  1. Period Tracker:

Period Tracker is one of the best health and fitness application available for ladies in the market. It marks the various ovulation dates along with a reminder for missed periods or even irregular periods within the application. Not only that it can also keep tracks of your pregnancy chances every day. Basically, this application is every lady’s personal diary and with the help of that they can also maintain their shape or even lose weight and stay healthy.


  1. Wunderlist:

Wunderlist is the best to do list and task Manager application available for the smartphone in the market. With the help of this application, every lady can drag down their tasks to complete throughout the day. Not only this application is available for personal use but you can also collaborate with the different task with your friends and family. This application also have support for Android Smartwatches and also gives you a reminder about the non-completed task which is a really great feature of this application.


Final Words:

We have gathered various information about the applications which are important for every lady to have on their smartphone and provided them in this article for you. We have also provided top 5 applications to have in every lady’s smartphone along with the download link. Share this article with other ladies so that they can also get in hands with these important applications meant to be installed on their smartphones