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It is known that videos are the content that creates the most engagement on social networks, especially on Youtube, so if you want to get a lot of likes and have more Youtube views, you need to create a movie that can attract users’ attention, so that they are encouraged to share it and spread it, achieving excellent results in a short time.

On the web, numerous tools allow you to edit professional videos, but most of these programs require a good familiarity with the world of information technology. After a series of in-depth research, I would like to introduce 4 online video editors that can help you create content quickly – which look beautiful, require minimal editing and that doesn’t make you freak out.


FlexClip is a great option for creating videos to share on social media. As with other tools, you can start from scratch, however, there are many themes and templates that you can use as a starting point. It is a freemium application to create slideshows directly online or to edit videos with effect animations.

Once the story is defined, add lyrics, soundtrack and possibly a narrative voice. You can also record the audio commentary directly in the application and export your video also in square format.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the application for non-professionals of the very professional software house. Adobe is known for the most used video post-production program in the world, Premiere Pro. Despite this, Spark has a clean, simple, intuitive interface and is designed for beginners.

The attention to the story is the peculiarity of this platform to create online videos. The first choice, opening the program, is, in fact, the narrative scheme: the hero’s journey, promote an idea, teach a lesson. Then add the clips, audio or video, one at a time following the facilitated structure.

Adobe Spark


Lumen5 is an online platform for fast video slideshow creation. A special feature of this tool is the ability to create clips from textual content or directly from a post on the net by pasting the URL of the content. On the platform, you can also upload your content such as photos, videos, and music or seek inspiration from the content made available by Lumen5 in collaboration with stock images sites.

Lumen5 in its basic version is completely free, but to unlock additional features, such as HD resolution rendering, you need to subscribe. Do not worry because it is possible to obtain good results even without subscribing.



The videos for social media from the fast-paced editing are the specialty of Magisto. The platform uses an artificial intelligence system that recognizes the sequences with greater movement and eliminates static moments. The algorithms cut and scramble photos and videos; Magisto produces a movie without you having to do anything but choose music and theme.

The application carries out the assembly in complete autonomy. In the free version, you cannot make changes to the movie, you can only try again with another theme. In addition, you can import a maximum of 10 documents and export a video lasting one minute.


Final words

It doesn’t matter if you are not a video maker, a graphic designer or anything else, if you want to create videos to share on social media, there are a myriad of tools that allow you to easily create and edit content, even without any experience. With them, anyone can become a video marketer. Why not take these tools as a reference and start creating now?