Beauty Tips

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Your day will undoubtedly be one among the most important and most memorable days of your life, and once you walk down the aisle – with all eyes on you, though – you absolutely want to be flawless.

But achieving a runway-inspired wedding look requires some preparation and planning. To ensure that your day image is ideal and assist you achieve a gorgeous big-day look, we’ve enlisted the assistance of bridal beauty experts.

Your day is the most photographed day of your life. So while seating arrangements and catering could appear to be important things to believe, bridal beauty should even be high on the list.

Like the less glamorous elements of a marriage, your makeup requires a particular level of organization, and therefore the sooner you begin brooding about it, the less stressful it’ll be.

1.     Do not Experiment with New Products

Although many people have said this many times, it is very true that they never experiment with new products on their wedding day.

No one knows which products are suitable for their skin type. Therefore, the bride should not try any new makeup product and attach to what has been tried and used before.

2.     Never Book Skin Treatments a Day in Advance

Most brides engage in premarital skin care rituals, but should always avoid treatment or facelifts one day before the wedding ceremony. Avoid getting any waxing or threading before a few days, as this can lead to bumps, rashes or itching, which can get worse after makeup.

3.     Stay Hydrated

 Makeup is a day game, leisure you need to prepare your skin before your wedding day. Being hydrated is the key to healthy skin. Drink a minimum of eight to 10 glasses of water each day.

Our skin is more likely to recover during the night because our skin stays with us as well. Rinse well with moisturizer before going to bed. Since makeup is tough on our skin, it is now your custom to make it well before the day.

4.  Avoid Artificial Lights during Makeup

You will be satisfied when you put makeup on your skin in artificial yellow lights, as soon as you get out of it, the crazy contrast will ruin your look. The practice of applying makeup during the day will save you. This will make your work even easier if you know the flashing lights on your face.

5.  Eye Shadows and Blush

The colors will amaze you in enhancing your look. Gone are the days of having traditional pink blush on the cheeks, you have more options in the color palette. I do not advise you to experiment on your trial on your wedding day; you can ask your bridal makeup artist to try different colors on your face.

Take your wedding dress with you when you go to trial. This will help your artist to understand the color combinations to try.

6.     Try Makeup

Most freelance makeup artists offer a wedding trial separately from the actual wedding day. Trial is very important for the makeup artist and for you. Having the opportunity to try different looks means that you’re going to be confident and happy in the knowledge that the look you are wearing is right for you and will continue.

7.     Make sure your Foundation is a Perfect Match

Your foundation should be close to your skin tone or the tone of your neck. You will be photographed nonstop that day and your face and neck will not match.

8.     Apply Moisturizer before you Self-tan

Your secret weapon is using the moisturizer as a deterrent when applying self-tanner.  Apply before applying on problem areas so that they do not turn dark (it is always on the elbows, knees, hands, feet, severe dry areas).

Never moisturize the whole body, as this will dilute your self-tan complexion. We also use moisturizer to blend around the crease on the wrist, behind the heel, and around the hairline to make the tan look natural. Your tan is your paint and your moisturizer is your water so we are combining for perfection. 

9.     Drink Plenty of Water before the Big Day

This beauty tip is to be followed throughout the year, but it becomes even more important as your wedding day approaches. Hydrated skin allows for the simplest application of makeup.

10. Choose Lipstick you Feel Comfortable with

The lip is very important. I always tell brides to spend a while at the makeup counter and check out on all possible shades and ‘When you recognize, you know!'”

I personally love natural lip. It’s a natural lip color we all want, not too brown and not too pink. If you want to enhance it a bit, try adding “Now Kit “color. 

11. Eat a Balanced Diet

Heard a billion times but still not understood? Well, it’s very simple, you have to fit exactly what you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl and you cannot allow the ugly flab to spoil that look. 

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s a crash-diet, it’s a nutrition-watch that will help you strengthen and boost your body. For all the big girls you’ve been to, it’s not about being thin in three months, but about watching your calories and sugar intake.

12.  Keep it Simple

Every bride has a choice when it comes to finishing or completing her makeup. We suggest trying not to go for the cake and the heavy look, which will make your makeup look ‘too’. To look fresh and bright, try a natural and icy look that suits your skin tone and features.

13.  Improve your Eye Makeup

Proper use of eye makeup products can make a lot of difference. Brides with small eyes can apply white kajal in their waterway to enhance their eyesight. They can also use liner from between the eyes to the end.

For brides with big eyes, she suggests applying the liner from the inside out and trying the wing liner.

14.  Get Your Makeup Fundamentals Right

Even if you have not touched makeup all your life, it is very important to learn the basics before your big day. The reason, your bridal MUA will be an expert; there are also some things she will miss in a hurry. For example, she may forget to base your neck, chest and back but if you know your basics, you can remind her. Help them to help you.

15.  Choose your Foundation Wisely

Think before you choose your foundation for your wedding decoration. Always go for a water based foundation. Even if you have dry skin, do not choose a creamy formula. And ensure its longevity. Chances are high, you may feel tired by all the ‘hustle and hustle’, but your face should never show it.

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