pest control services

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Nobody wants pests at their place! Pests including flies, ticks, rodents, roaches, etc. are not only filthy but bring with them tons of diseases that create serious healthcare issues, especially for the children. Although you can hire pest control services that can get rid of these pesky creatures, still, you would need to take preemptive measures in order to minimize or even eliminate pest infestations at your place. Here are the 10 most effective tips to keep your home pest free:

Storing Food

You’ve probably seen many Pest exterminators in Jersey City NJ going for your cupboards when they begin their pest treatment. It is most likely that you’ve experienced roaches or ants in your food shelves and cabinets where you have placed your food cartons. The most common cause of pest infestation there is due to opened food cartons, cereal boxes or items like that. Such items are easily prone to pests. It is better that you store them efficiently. Seal the boxes, use containers and plastic resealable bags to store foods, keep fruits in the fridge to mitigate chances of flies.

Sealing Entrance For Pests

The foremost things that pest treatment services emphasize on is the sealing of the entrance points for the pests. In most cases, untreated cracks, gaps, entry points, etc. are like highways for these creatures and it’ll not take too long before you see a swarm entering from these places. Therefore, examining the interiors as well as the exteriors of your home for such spaces is highly recommended. Find them and get them treated right away!

Think About Screens

Your chimneys and vents are a luxurious home for bats and squirrels. They can easily go through the opening of the vents or chimneys and can enter your home. However, if you install screens from both ends, then their entrance can be eliminated. The potential infestation can easily be avoided and you won’t even need to call any Pest control service too!

Manage The Waste In Time

Waste is one of the biggest reasons for pest infestations and is the main source for their growth. It is also the main reason why pest infestation is hazardous. Dinner, takeaways boxes, leftovers when left in the waste for a long time become a potential home to the pests. It is foremostly recommended that you dispose of every waste without delays. If you plan on using any of the containers, then make sure you disinfect them properly before using.

Keeping Clean

Another important factor that you should consider and that many of the pest exterminators in Jersey City NJ focus on is giving your home an extensive and regular cleaning! There’s no doubt that a cleaned home will definitely mitigate pest entrance and would create a healthy environment too! You can choose to clean the floors, especially when you have pets because they can carry pest with them. Choose disinfectants and sprays of high quality to assist you in this matter.

Minimize Moisture

Moisture is the growing home for pests and flies, mosquitoes are the most attracted to moisture and stagnant waters. While cleaning or washing your homes, it is best that you clean every corner and dry every place efficiently because in many cases we skip the corners and moisture accumulate, giving a nesting atmosphere for the pests.

Decluttering Extensively

Decluttering is one of the easiest ways and efficient ways to reduce the chances of pest infestations. Pests take sanctuary at such places, particularly where most of the items are stored, increase their numbers and stay there for the rest of their lives until you disturb them. Hence, decluttering would really help mitigate the chances of pest infestation. Discard newspapers, boxes, plastic bags, etc. because they are the primary source for their infestation.

Ensure That You Don’t Bring Them In On Your Own

Do inspect what enters in your home! Pets, shoes, clothes, food-whatever you bring, make sure that they are not infected or carrying any sort of pest with them. In most cases, the items are brought and left unchecked while being stored immediately, which gives a chance for the pests to grow.

Check Plants

Many pest treatment services often recommend not to keep plants indoors. Plants attract flies and mosquitoes because they need constant watering and their moist atmosphere is an ideal place for the pests to grow!


Halogen lights are an efficient way of reducing the infestation of flying insects as they are naturally attracted to fluorescent lights. In addition, the cleaning of the lights is also necessary because of the dust accumulation, small flies and mosquitos can take sanctuary and grow too.

There are many other ways by which you can eliminate pest growth in your home. All you need to do is some cleaning and you’ll be pest free for sure!