Dried Fruits

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Dried fruits are the ultimate on-the-go snack. They are nutritious and delicious. If you have not been introduced to dried fruit yet – be prepared to be convinced of its benefits! In case you were wondering: are dried fruits good for you? Well, yes, of course! 


Add dried fruits to your blender when making a smoothie or include them in baked goods! If you want to dehydrate fruits yourself – have a look at dehydrators and other kitchen appliances at mykitchenadvisor.com.

Let’s look at ten health benefits of dried fruits! 

  1. Highly Nutritious

Because the process of drying fruits removes all the water and most of the moisture – the nutritional content is more condensed. That means that one serving of dried fruit contains up to 3.5 times the amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals as the same portion of fresh fruit.  

2. Natural Laxative

Dried fruits are high in fiber, which relieves constipation. Prunes are the best-dried fruit to eat if you have problems with constipation because it is high in sorbitol – a natural laxative. 

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3. Great Source of Antioxidants

The antioxidant ratio in dried fruits is much higher than those of fresh fruits. But be careful of the sugar processed dried fruit snacks – avoid them and opt for the unsweetened versions. 

4. Promotes Weight Loss

Certain dried fruits like apricots and dates are very good for weight loss because they fill you up for longer. But it should be taken in moderation. This is why dried fruit snacks are so popular in weight loss eating plans. 

5. Energy Booster

Because dried fruits are high in concentrated sugar, it is a great energy booster. But be careful because dried fruits calories are a thing! If you have too much dried fruit per serving, you can easily go over the recommended daily calorie intake. 

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6. Easy to Digest

If you are someone that suffers from an upset stomach, try some dried fruits if you are unable to keep anything else down. They are easy to digest and will fill you up until you feel better. The best dried fruits for this are apple, mango, pears, and cranberries. 

7. Promotes Eye Health 

Some dried fruits like apricots are high in beta carotene, which prevents loss of sight in older people. It can also help strengthen the optic nerve, which is excellent news for those of us who wear reading glasses. 

8. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Raisins are dried grapes and one of the most popular dried fruits. They can lower your blood pressure and can control bad cholesterol. Raisins also reduce inflammation in the body. 

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9. Maintains Bone Strength 

Dried prunes and dried figs are high in calcium – it supports bone formation and enhances bone health. This protects bones from wear and tear. This is good news for people with osteoporosis and arthritis. 

10.  Natural Immune Booster

If you were wondering, are dried fruits healthy? The answer is yes, it is actually one of the best natural immune boosters around. Dried fruit like goji berries are packed with vitamin A, C, and iron, but they are still low in calories and carbs. 

Before you start stocking up on dried fruits – remember to choose the ones that are not loaded with sugars and sweeteners. Also, watch out for the calories per serving. Health food stores always have a good selection of dried fruits. 

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What dried fruits are you trying first? Let us know in the comments!