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Happiness is getting paid online just by drawing sketches – Happyzozo

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Now a day everyone want to earn extra income and for this I searched on google and find Happyzozo. It is India’s online earing platform that allows users to work from home using Website in India.

Happyzozo believe in Happiness is what you will find by earning extra bucks while having fun.

The Website is listed and ranked 1st among India’s Work from Home Website, having 20,000+ users.

Guys, are you too curious to know: How I Make Money Online?

You can make money online using 4 steps:

Step 1: Sing Up, Fill in the simple online application form with of all the details; and submit your sketch.

Step 2: Draw Sketch, There are more than 30 categories to choose from. So start drawing sketches when you are getting bored for us!

Step 3: Submit Sketch, Once your sketch is ready submit it for approval.

Step 4: Get paid, For each approved sketch, we will pay Rs 15/Sketch for First 100 Sketch and then Rs 30/Sketch after 100 Sketch. Your monthly earnings will directly transfer into your Bank Account (you have to add bank details while creating an account).

Guys don’t wait start drawing your sketch, You can draw sketch of love image, happy image, birthday image ect. For your loved one and earn money from that.



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  1. Is this legit? haha! So interesting that someone is paying for some sketches though I am sure it must go to some quality control first right? It can’t be anything even though there are categories.

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