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Basic Etiquettes Followed at a Dinner Table

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Eating habits say a lot about a person, especially when we talk about professional business meetings. A person’s eating habits can say a lot about his/her personality. The situation becomes worse when you are eating with a person whom you’re unfamiliar with and you have the pressure of making sure that you do make a good first impression. These dinner etiquettes do not only apply for business/professional meetings but also for dining at a restaurant or even when you are having dinner with your close relatives or just your family.

Here are a few rules that you should always keep in mind these can also be termed as dinner rules:

1. Business Dinner rules

  • The host should responsibly carry out his functions

From the time when the host has to pick up a restaurant for dinner and make reservations to the time when he/she guides his/her guests to their seats and suggesting them the items on the menu in the various price ranges, the host has to be very efficient in his work and carry out his job responsibly.


  • Lay the common etiquettes to rest

Holding doors and pulling out chairs is not quite the same thing in a business dinner meeting. Though it is ethically correct and a good habit to pull out someone’s chair for them in a business meeting you should never do so regardless of their gender.

  • Meal

Always keep a balance between what you and your guest are eating. You just cannot order and eat a course of your dinner alone while your guest is having an appetizer, this will surely make him feel uncomfortable. You can choose from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, depending on the type of event and also the group with whom you go out. If you have a family dinner, and you want to order for liquors, then you must also keep in mind to order juices or soft drinks for children. Both Chinese and Continentals can never be a good option, so choosing the right meal is also a prerequisite.

Dinner is where the magic happens in the kitchen.

2. Restaurant Dinner Etiquettes

  • Clothing: You should always have a proper attire and dress according to the occasion.
  • Phone: Avoid using your phone when on the dinner table if you take your phone out to text someone it sends out the wrong message to whomsoever you have accompanied that whoever you’re texting or chatting with is more important than the person sitting right in front of you.
  • Beginning the meal: Start eating your dinner only after everyone has been served if your food has not been cooked properly and you need to send it back you should excuse yourself and ask your company to continue eating without you.
  • Bill: In case all the parties are interested in splitting the whole bill, it is essential they decide well in advance how they would wish to split the bill. Also if one of you is interested in paying the whole bill, the wisest thing would be to inform the waiter beforehand. It all depends on the host what should be the paying method, and if you are going to a group dinner party, then the share of bills can be divided.
  • Drinking: Most of the time when we go out for dinner, we all end up having a glass or two of wine. Hence if this is such a case where you do not want to have a drink then you should simply just place your hand over your glass to signal the waiter that you will not be taking more, without drawing any attention to yourself as well.

Now many people also order for dinner with the help of food apps online. In this case, they can also customize their dishes and check and combine one or more dish at a time.

Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table. It’s a mint on your pillow before bed.

By ~ Iggy Azalea


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  1. simplysensationalfood says:

    Restaurant etiquette is important in any situation wheather you are dining with friends or business clients. You have raised some very good points. I totally agree good manners are important at all times.

  2. I am glad you included the use of phones in your post so many times I see people in restaurants ignoring the people they have come to enjoy a meal with and playing with their phone. If something is important then fair enough but most times it’s to update a social media status which is just rude.

  3. Danielle says:

    Lots of great tips here! It’s amazing how many people still use their phone all through the meal.

  4. Cait says:

    Yes! Phones always drive me nuts when others are on the during dinner so thank you for sharing this with us all! Some people need a reminder!

  5. Great tips! I recently went to a very classy restaurant for fine dining and I had no idea on the etiquette! I wish I’d read this first!

  6. Komal says:

    Dinner etiquette is so much fun. I did a class like this in school when I was younger!

  7. Denni says:

    great tips ! keeping a dinner etiquette is a must, and not only to business diner but also at home , put the phone aside show family some respect

  8. These are all very important factors especially when you’re invited over for dinner. It’s good to know what to do so that you won’t offend your hosts and have a fun night altogether.

  9. Williamwab says:

    Basic Etiquettes is always needed by everyone.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. MiguelREIGO says:

    This sounds like the experience of a lifetime

  11. Williamwab says:

    I know I will never do this but it’s just feel to do this after reading this blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Javiercaw says:

    Wow! That is truly a best etiquettes!

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