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10 Tips To Make Great Content

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I realise that it’s been forever since I made a blog post about blogging tips. I’ve been in the ‘blogging game‘ now for around four years but I didn’t seriously commit until about a year and a half ago. One of the many things that I love about blogging aside from the writing aspect is that it gives you so much freedom to talk about anything you want to talk about. For me, my lifestyle blog is a platform that will continue to change alongside with me as I get older, have new life experiences like moving house, pursuing a career and having a family. Having great content is important because it not only makes you feel proud as a writer but it will keep your readers engaged and it’ll also be the reason why they come back.

Which leads me onto this post. I wanted to give a few tips of what I’ve learnt along the way, some old and some fairly new, that I’ve found makes great content no matter what theme your blog is about. Whether it’s a wedding blog, parenting blog or a blog about knitting, this is all relevant. Being a blogger is like being a master of several skills. You have to be a photographer, be a pro at social media and have the knowledge of SEO to make some bad-ass content. So if you’re not (like I still think I am), then here’s a few to get you started.

Be Consistent

I’ve inspired people to create their own blogs (I know, really?) and the one thing that I always start off with when they ask me what makes a good blog is that you have to be consistent. Whether you post once a week or several, having a consistency with your schedule is going to allow your readers to become accustomed to how often you post and they are more likely to come back at the same time over and over again.

Authenticity Is Key

Always stay true to yourself. That’s a lesson I guess we can carry through all aspects of our life. Be authentic with your blog posts and don’t try and be someone you’re not. If you find yourself to be hilarious, tell your readers through your writing. Readers can often see through bloggers in their content so be true to yourself and to your readers.

Know Your Audience

And when I talk about readers, you need to know who those readers are. Are they male or female? What age categories read your blog? Where do they come from and which posts do they engage with the most. Knowing your audience can often help aid the type of content you churn out. Not knowing your audience can lead to you losing them. For example, having mainly female readers in the their 20’s and interested in fashion may not enjoy a post about the inner workings of a car engine, you get me?

Use Good Images

Even if you are a novice at photography, there’s hundreds and thousands of stock photography websites you can use on your blog posts whilst you’re crafting your new skill. Tips for taking good photos will come later on when I’ve perfected the flatlays myself, but always try and take photos in natural light and play around with your camera/phone settings. Also when editing your photos, use photo editors like Fotor and BeFunky. These websites are great for making your photos stand out.

Spellcheck Your Content

There’s nothing more off-putting as a reader than bad grammar. Sometimes, I can fall victim to the odd spelling mistake or phrase but always spellcheck and read back your content when writing it and double check it again before you hit publish. Many blogs out there tend to make me click off because they’ve clearly not bothered to go over what they’ve written.

Have A SEO Checklist

Since migrating from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve been using the Yoast Plugin (a plugin is like an app, it’s added to the blog as a function for either something that appears on the site or on the back-end access) and it has helped me increase my DA and quality of my content ten fold. If you don’t have WordPress then consider things like using the right keywords, naming your images and linking posts internally. If you understood none of that, then I’ll write a post more about improving your SEO, although I have an old one that I wrote on improving your DA, which is similar.

Regularly Fix Broken Links

Fixing broken links is something that definitely helps towards keeping that great content…great. When you include links in post, sometimes those links can be moved or deleted by the website you are linking to. This is a broken link. Fixing a broken link takes a few minutes but can take a long time if you don’t do it regularly and let them build up.

Put Disclaimers On Your Posts

If your blog has started to produce brand offers and sponsorship collaborations, then it’s always best to disclaim these on the blog post itself. Especially as the ASA is clamping down harder on influencers for not disclosing work that they’ve been paid for or received free products. I think I did this after the first few times I got gifted a product but implement this from the beginning as it shows authenticity. And we like being authentic yes?

Create Viral Worthy Content

Posts like this are always going to get good engagement because they serve to help the reader and it’s also got a clickable title. Ever clicked on a link because the title of the post looks so intriguing? These are viral worthy pieces of content because even if what’s on the link is a lot of crap, full of advertisements and pop-up trash, it still made you click on the link in the first place which means traffic.

Now I’m not saying make trashy content because that’s defeating the purpose of this post. What I’m saying is brainstorm content and display and work it in a way that would make you click on it. If you would, then it’s likely someone else will.

Promote, Promote, PROMOTE

And finally, the most important thing of all? PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT. There’s nothing worse than writing a really good piece and doing nothing with it, leaving it to sit there in the corner of the internet with no friends. Use your social media to give it a voice, for it to be seen. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great and even Pinterest has now become probably one of the most popular platforms for bloggers to use to promote their content. I mean, I’m still figuring it out when it comes to Pinterest but content marketing is good for your blog.

Did you find these tips useful? Let me know in the comments below.



Hi I am Ritu, an Indian blogger living in Vadodara, working as a Digital Marketing Manager in an IT company by profession, but a Beauty, Fashion, Business and Lifestyle Blogger by passion. I started The Every Lady in 2017 to encourage women all around the world to not be restricted with predefined styles and take chances in life.

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